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Intentional Community close to Dominical, Costa Rica

I came to Costa Rica at the invitation of Brett, who already contacted me in 2020. Independently, we concluded early that year that the world could be shifting towards a new paradigm which in many details seemed not very desirable to us—at least not in the layout, as it is currently presented to us via elites who work through organizations like the World Economic Forum.

Especially the “Vee-topic” is very polarizing, and times are tough on people that tend to trust in their inherent natural immune System living in the current society. The roll-out of the new “sanitation concepts” and the emergence of other related uncertainties raised the consideration of establishing a self-sustainable community to bypass this ongoing trend in the mainstream context. The only difference was that Brett already had a perfect place to do so.

This fundamental principle to retreat from society came for Brett even before the world plunged into this tremendous polarization. For him, this inner urge to emancipate from the System came many years earlier than it occurred to me as a necessity. That’s why he retreated to a farm in the jungle of Costa Rica. He even purchased some additional properties for the vague idea that, at some time, other people would start to look for a similar opportunity to withdraw from mainstream society.

After weeks of talking to Brett and spending time on his farm investigating the location and the idea in general, I will do my best to describe his concept as holistically as possible to help him find the perfect members for his community project. So let me start with my first impressions.

final approach at San Jose airport
Buildings you see at the final approach at San Jose airport in Costa Rica


Coming into Costa Rica from Baja California, in Mexico, I noticed a very different form of heat—a very humid one. It might seem redundant, but the first thing you need to be aware of is the tropical context with all its implications. The following basic framework is the general look and feel. In the end, you need to make your investigation about Costa Rica and what makes this place so unique. I don’t want to go into detail about aspects other websites give a much better summary about, but I want to say enough to provide you with a general idea.

airplane avianca costa rica
Costa Rica’s main airport in San Jose

I once picked up the notion that this small country is considered the Switzerland of Central America, and indeed there are many things here that remind me of that picturesque country in the Alps. San José, the capital of Costa Rica, has plenty of reminiscences with Geneva. You can see those similarities in modern architecture or the mountains that create the background—maybe the straight orderliness here is unusual in Latin America. Costa Rica is immaculate with pristine nature. You certainly can compare the prices here with Swiss standards as well. This is a dualistic aspect, of course. One of the great of Costa Rica is that you get a lot of high-quality products and items I was constantly missing in Baja, Mexico.

Basic about Costa Rica

Costa Rica is relatively peaceful compared to the history of most other Latin American countries. The government has no army, but it has many police and regulations—this is another reminiscence to Switzerland, which has at least a small, purely defensive army and a highly regulated society. Indeed both countries seem perfect for retreating deep into nature, far away from dense population areas.

About Costa Rica

The substitute for the Alps is the thick jungle in the mountains of Costa Rica. In Brett’s case, his farm is in the elevated forests close to Dominical on the west coast, with some additional land nearby. His properties are way outside any major city’s “drop-death distance”— to say it in prepper terms. The soil is fertile, and the properties are connected to natural springs and rivers. The project is like an empty canvas with a fantastic view—perfect for becoming creative.

about the owner

Before we tap into the bigger vision of a self-sustainable community that Brett holds dear, we have to talk about his person. Ultimately, any design of how we could imagine a community here must coincide with his basic idea. Brett is a straightforward, hands-on guy with roots as an entrepreneur in retail and had a successful business in the US before he decided to drop out. He has a heightened sense of prepping and, therefore, a defined survival mentality.

Brett with his Honda
Brett with his Honda in Costa Rica

Over many years he accumulated knowledge and books about sustaining basic needs and supplying resources in emergency conditions. While many people only just started to think about general preparedness concerning independence from the System, he already went through most of those considerations. Brett has his plan B ready for various SHTF scenarios down to the detail, but he does not dare to make any predictions. Still, he is convinced that it is only a matter of time before it might be necessary to rely on such preparations and, in a best-case scenario, a solid community of like-minded.

The Golden Principle

Brett is an open-minded character that follows no specific doctrine or religion. He appreciates truth and honesty. For him, there are plenty of lies and b/s in mainstream society and its institutions—something the community should be liberated from. Brett likes a community close to nature and its fundamental spiritual philosophy. From this direction also derives his golden principle of treating everyone like you want to be treated yourself—simple but profound.


In many ways, Brett reminds me of Max Yasgur, who offered his farmland to host the world-famous Woodstock Festival. This reminiscence becomes even more apparent when you look at his vision for his property. His general idea is to open up his land to a larger community of like-minded people.

This intentional community should consist of individuals or groups that will commit to sticking together as a tribe or micro village society to work together to become as self-sustainable and independent from the System as possible. Therefore, Brett likes to attract young, energetic people with a sense of unity, synergy, and cooperation.

Planet Community
Post-Capitalism Society

All Brett asks for is some enthusiasm and expertise in providing basic needs like water, gardening, electricity, building, mechanics, security, and social skills to make a project like this possible. Money and resources are also vital ingredients to enable a community to thrive.

Nevertheless, the whole package of personal integrity, skill, and monetary resources must be considered in harmony with the overall endeavor. Some people might possess plenty of help while others bring more abilities to the table, but it all needs to be in a natural balance to be successful.

Brett’s Ark is perfect for 20-30 people living together in pristine nature. The next surf break in Dominical is 40min away with a 4×4 vehicle. There you can also buy groceries and fuel up the car. Still, back at the property, you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. See some photos to get an impression.

The Possibilities in Costa Rica

Self-Responsible Society

Ideally, the community comprises various experts in various essential fields. Therefore, Brett regards it as his primary challenge to find the optimal composition of individuals. A core team of experts should determine the foundation of his vision to create a balanced community. If you feel like you could be part of such a collective, write your ideas and the assets you can provide for the project. I will go into detail at the end of my report.

In return, Brett offers a considerable part of his properties to be used as a common good for a group of like-minded. Everybody inside the community holds a part of the whole and shares the responsibility to provide food, water, shelter, and electrical power for the micro-society.

Since this concept is designed for a possible reality in which external structures of the System are either not required or simply not available anymore, the social contract can be agreed on in a simple hand-shake combined with a letter of intent. Still, for a kind of hybrid approach, even a sophisticated shareholder cooperation contract could be initiated by local lawyers. It always depends on personal resonance. Also, we have to assume that time is critical.

Different Concepts are possible.

Brett prefers a relatively common good approach where most of the resources and effort flow into infrastructures that are available for all. Even the rotation between different housing units would be thinkable. Still, there is the option of buying your private property in the proximity of the project, where one can have his personal space and still invest in and connect with community structures. There are plenty optioning the close vicinity.

The goal is to allow every member a simple but fulfilling life. All decisions for the community are democratic, although the circumstances might require a certain number of participants to form a “council of elders” consisting of the core group of individuals that proved to have the most significant expertise and knowledge in the crucial challenges that a society like this might encounter.

Since many of these possible details depend on unpredictable parameters defined by the global stage, I might leave it now as to what constellations and models are likely to apply and negotiate with the owner. Brett is aware that it might come to the point that this project is not his vision anymore, but it becomes governed by a collective consciousness that decides the destiny of this community. As 2020 showed us, we can not control the wave of transformation, but we can choose how we are surfing it. Therefore, flexibility and determination are critical elements for success.

Wise Investment in Costa Rica

Opportunity for Investors

If you are looking for the perfect ark to ride out the storm of the Great Reset, this is your chance. With Brett, I found a person who not only has a beautiful A-class property in combination with his farm to offer it for such a project, but he also is full of great ideas from his 30+ years of investigation into sustainable living. He is a rare expert in emancipating from the System and has detailed plans to enable a whole community to build an ark for all eventualities on a bigger scale.

If you believe you could contribute to such a project, please feel free to write a letter of intent. What motivates you to be part of such a society detached as much as possible from the System? Let Brett know what skills and financial contributions you could invest into the project.

Alternative Insurance policy

Since time is a critical issue, Brett is also open for high-stake investors looking not only for a private getaway in a beautiful context but also aware that a thriving self-sustainable community is your best insurance policy for all social upheavals or possible supply-line disruption.

So, suppose you are a billionaire aware of the probable implications of the ongoing global transformation, and you haven’t received a boarding card for one of the elite bunkers. In that case, this might be your perfect alternative. You could be the hero by becoming a donator and co-founder.


Contact Brett’s Ark

If you resonate with Brett’s version of a modern ark in times of uncertainty, feel free to contact him via email. If you consider becoming part of an intentional community in Costa Rica, please sketch up a simple draft of your vision, including details like what you need and what you can share with a new society. It would Brett to know in advance whether his design and property correspond with your idea.

Here is his email address:

Contact the Author

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a similar project and would like to present it at Refugee’s Ark. Also, if you have any comments or want to share valuable ideas (including with other people visiting this website) in the context of intentional communities, please leave us a message on the board.

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After I became chief editor of Secret TV, Germany’s first pay-TV channel for fringe topics, I evolved as part of the counter culture of alternative media. Even though I am not active anymore, I am still an observer with a massive network of “professional nutcases.” Accordingly, I use my insider knowledge and offer holistic consulting about my writing topics. I am also working as a Creative Homeopath and give online consultations.

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