Reid's Farm Taupo New Zealand

Walkabout Through New Zealand

Springtime came to New Zealand and I started my Walkabout. I grabbed my backpack and my camera to roam through New Zealand just by walking off from Wellington. Well, I didn’t come too far. Somewhere between Wellington and Lake Taupo, it started to rain very badly. So I took the bus. At this point, I didn’t even make a lot of photos. Most of the time my camera was secured in the backpack.

Close to the city of Taupo, I ended up on a free camping site which was called Reid’s Farm. Meanwhile, it is closed, but back in 2014, it was the coolest place in New Zealand where I found a beautiful community of backpackers. Reid’s Farm became my home for a while and the people there were like my family. Even though I made many small hitchhiker trips to nearby national parks and cities, this campsite inspired me the most.

There is an article about Reid’s Farm on my website which contains more photos and it describes my impression there in detail. Please check it out.

For more photos, go back to the Travel Photo Blog.

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