Luminate Festival 2015 New Zealand

Luminate Festival Photography | New Zealand

The last chapter of my Road Trip through New Zealand had been the Luminate Festival. After intense traveling periods this event was the perfect opportunity to calm down and relax. Also, it was a great time for taking photos and meeting old friends.

Reid's Farm Taupo New Zealand

Reid’s Farm Tribute | Lake Taupo, New Zealand

My visit to Reid’s Farm in Taupo, New Zealand was one of the greatest experiences I ever made. The whole mystery tour through New Zealand was like a dream but Reid’s Farm was a special epicenter in that process. Enjoy my photography!

Reid's Farm Taupo New Zealand

Walkabout Through New Zealand

The term “Walkabout” is used by the Aborigines of Australia to describe a spiritual journey to find a new path in life. I had the same process in New Zealand which lead me through the wilderness. While walking through the deep forests I took pictures.