Manifest of our Reality


The Mind is limited

In modern psychology and consciousness science, there is no all-embracing truth anymore. We live in a quantum field that provides millions of information every second. The conscious mind recognizes only an insignificant amount of this data. Furthermore, this information set becomes filtered and disturbed by inner concepts and programs we inherited from society. In other words: we see what we want to see. (see Heri Bergson filter theory)

There is not final truth

Human consciousness can’t objectify truth! Every person creates their reality, and whether this reality is right or wrong, good or bad, is just an individual opinion. We cannot guarantee the accuracy and truth of any of the information and concepts we present here. It depends on the single observer of this domain whether this content has a specific value. According to your established reality, you might even consider us like a lunatic fringe or a role-playing project. Whatever it is, we are divinely indifferent! Due to his free will, the observer chooses his spiritual playground and is fully responsible for his angle on reality.

We encourage questioning and discernment

We encourage you to change or extend your perspective, but this demands a certain willingness to do so. It is a process that can only sustainably manifest itself by gaining personal insights from inner and outer experiences. Therefore mere information can only be a catalyst or just an inspiration. That means either you have already contacted the mystery or want to take the first step into the twilight zone because you have an unexplainable personal affinity to our topics.

The Universe is holographic

The pure theoretical engagement with this kind of topic will not lead to any sustainable new mindset in general. Still, according to C. G. Jung, the content that we are consuming will be projected into our daily reality. That might lead to experiences of synchronicity, which have the power to alter our whole being. Please be aware of that!

With this website, we like to offer a tool to assist people in finding the correct assignment in life by understanding their true nature. humans can only see the “final” truth and all-embracing wisdom in themselves! Although there is no final truth—just unity.


No political or religious Agenda

We are neither religious nor political. We feel close to science in the best sense, but even science has become very dogmatic in many ways. However, quantum physics recognizes something that puts all other experimental findings into perspective. It might open up all scientific dogmas for a new reevaluation: the physical reality does not exist independently from the observer. Consciousness is the observer of reality, and reality itself is a conscious field. The beholder determines how minor processes in the most delicate mechanism of our existence are behaving. (see the double-slit experimentHeisenberg’s uncertainty principle).

Conspiracy Theory Of Everything by Spirit Science

Interconnection of all things

Many other observations and experimental findings in quantum physics put the fundamental nature of our physical world in an entirely new context, such as the EPR paradox. The entanglement of quantum particles suggests that our material world or the Einstein space-time continuum is embedded in a higher multidimensional structure, described by the physicist Burkard Heim. Within this worldview, every dogma becomes “blurred” like a quantum particle in space, and a new level of reality becomes imaginable.

Because of these given facts, all political and religious dogmas are irrelevant. Politics and religions are powerful tools the System utilizes to manipulate the collective consciousness. They are being used to imprison people into fixed beliefs that the System can easily control. Both structures are built upon lies and half-truths that create separation and polarity. They are purely mental projections that keep our minds captivated and slow down consciousness evolution.

Implications of Politics and Religion

If we are going to deal with politics and religion here, we do this only to show how subliminally these institutions tempt humans to fight each other. Therefore, articles and comments on political issues should be primarily a service to peace by attempting to expose warmongering.

Politics and religion are parts of the orchestrated human stage play – antagonists in the conquest for spiritual liberation. We do not want to condemn these institutions nor those who submit themselves to these structures. From the singularity perspective, each individual plays their role on this collective stage. The presence of an antagonist is essential for a personal challenge to occur, which in progress leads to personal growth. It is the necessary ingredient that makes life so exciting and instructive. (See duality)

Conclusion: Self-responsibility

Our position is, therefore, that we collectively should stop looking outside of ourselves for a political or religious Messiah who redeems us from our challenges. Again, this does not mean that there are not always good teachers and role models from which we can learn and benefit. Even our most prominent critics and opponents can fulfill the role of mentorship if we recognize the level they are testing us and our deficit.


Everything in One

Having already used the term “singularity” in the previous point, we like to define it in more detail. It involves a perception perspective, which will subordinate all other superficial experiences – if we allow it to happen. The degree of permission depends on personal experience or how far someone has integrated this particular insight.

Singularity means, in our context, the unity of all that is, not in a metaphorical but a very fundamental spiritual sense. Everything is connected to everything, and the separation perceived in our everyday consciousness is a mere illusion – in Sanskrit, it is called “Maya,” or based on a well-known sci-fi classic, we can also call it “Matrix” here. It is comparable to the situation of a dreamer, who awakens to the fact that every person, every object, every action, and every concept created within his dream, is indeed himself. The dreamer was the one who subconsciously controlled everything, even if he was not aware of this fact during his dream state. Of course, becoming “lucid” during REM sleep is also possible, but that’s another topic.

The Creator experiences itself

This analogy should only help us to illustrate what we mean by singularity. Extrapolated into our everyday experience, we recognize that even everyday reality emerges from an all-embracing collective consciousness or spirit, which has split itself into myriads of individual fragments. The knowledge that you are one with all these fragments or different organisms and the totality of all these units is a form of super-consciousness. This super-consciousness is also known as the higher aspect of everything. This unity is closest to what is mythologically associated with God. Aside from the fact that this God neither judges nor evaluates.

Scientifically, you can approach this perspective with the Big Bang theory. Since we don’t want to be dogmatic here, we do not claim this scientific statement is accurate or complete. Still, it is an excellent visual example. Because of that, it is quite useful, one of those ultra-conservative doctrines that everyone heard of before but no one can imagine.

Big Bang Theory as an approximation

“According to the Big Bang theory, all matter in the universe was once reduced to one microscopic particle—all matter we see in the universe has once been a material singularity.”

Even though most people can barely abstract, there is a force in the universe capable of squeezing their car into the size of a dice. Still, this idea of a physical singularity is perceived as more credible than the concept of spiritual Oneness. However, most people have accepted the physical singularity of the universe as a scientific fact. In contrast, the idea of spiritual unity is less accepted, even though all great wisdom teachings report about it. That may be because the spirit or the consciousness is hard to objectify by Western science. Nevertheless, it is evident. It is the experimental observer in quantum-physics scenarios, in which, depending on the beholder’s consciousness, the experiments take a different outcome.

Singularity as personal experience

For all the people who do not have the personal inner experience of the unity of all, this theory remains dare, so it remains irrelevant to their daily lives, such as the Big Bang itself. It remains a mere concept, a belief, or even a mental pathology, but it changes everything for those who have experienced it. This personal perception may spontaneously become or be triggered by contemplative exercises like meditation or Tai Chi. It is also possible to induce these states of consciousness by using pharmacological means like LSD, ayahuasca, and DMT. There is also the technique of Holotropic Breathwork™, which Professor Stanislav Grof developed. However, the “pharmacologically” induced transpersonal states of consciousness methods are risky; therefore, we do not recommend them.

Singularity as an ethical foundation

For us, the “singularity of all that is” is a fact. Hence, it forms the moral and ethical foundation for all our actions: “Treat your next person just like you like to be treated yourself!”. We do not follow this moral concept because we submit to any script, but rather because our “next person” is an aspect of ourselves.

The general psychological truism arises from this notion, which says that characteristics or aspects that we condemn in “other” people often (always) reflect something we have not yet recognized in ourselves or have not accepted.


Misleading Term

The term “conspiracy theory” or “conspiracy theorist” has a very negative connotation in today’s society. The mass media has spun these words to stigmatize alternative interpretations of the officially established reality, perceived as fundamentally untrustworthy. This conditioning of the collective is part of the defense architecture of the System to make people resistant to alternative views, questioning the powers (TPTB).

It should also be noted that this expression of a “conspiracy theorist” was imprinted by the CIA, who established and programmed this meme as part of the defamation strategy to silence critical voices concerning the Warren Report and the official presentation of the Kennedy assassination.

From JFK to 9/11

Historical vital events such as the assassination of John F. Kennedy and 9/11 are similar traumatic turning points. An immediate declaration of the perpetrators and causes was given in both cases. Thereby, the official historiography ignored all contradictions consistently even though it became increasingly evident that the official story couldn’t be right in both cases. In both situations, the System and it’s news-outlets stuck to the official story, which was established medially on the first day of the event. In the case of 9/11, the towers were even still standing when the mainstream media brought the name “Osama Bin Laden” into circulation for the first time.

JFK to 9/11 | Everything is a rich man’s trick – Documentary

9/11 as an example of narrative control

September 11th or 9/11 is almost a classic example of the use of this meme to manipulate us. The majority of people have heard a conspiracy theory about September 11th. However, most people fail to recognize that de facto only conspiracy theories exist about 9/11. The official line is just a conspiracy theory, as it is celebrated every year anew by the mass media. All forensic evidence has been removed shortly after the attack, and all which remains is a theory about terrorists that conspired to humiliate a world power.

We will not comment on what theories seem more plausible because we will probably deal with this issue sooner or later.

Conspiracy Reality is complex.

The representations and stories presented to us by the dominant opinion leaders and institutions are full of distortions and manipulations – from our perspective and personal experience. Everyone is free to choose that narrow spectrum of reality without any criticism, or you might decide to acquire a broader perspective. How far someone likes to move into the depths of the rabbit hole – metaphorically speaking – is purely personal. According to our understanding, this labyrinth is larger and more complex than most people imagine. In the end, however, fundamental self-knowledge awaits us, which can bring along a new quality of freedom.

Our concern here is to respond to significant world events, which are used to emotionalize the collective and direct world affairs in a determined direction. We do not consider our task to obstruct “The Grand Plan Of The Ages.” Still, we want to offer our visitors assistance to prevail in particular challenges associated with the transformation process and master them. In the best case, we like to contribute to shaping a more positive outcome or a softer transition.

Free Will Implications

The study of popular conspiracy theories is only temporary. It is only used to understand the magnitude of global manipulation and to recognize one’s role in it. After the individual has known how the System has subverted his life, another phase kicks in. Now the study of the conspiracy world has become obsolete or even irrelevant. Once the “external” manipulation was been recognized, a new spiritual power will emerge, thus the responsibility to use that power for the collective well-being—but this decision is also subject to free will.


The implications of duality

We are living in a dualistic world. This tension between opposite poles drives the dynamics of individual and collective evolution. As the principle and the depiction of yin and yang so profoundly visualize, every positive aspect has something negative in its nature. In every negative aspect, we find something positive.

Of course, the principle of duality is also reflected in all fundamental human perceptions. So we all have internalized the concept of good and evil. Even those of us, who have seen through the illusion, and who could recognize the fundamental unity have preferences. There are just things that we, as humans, are rejecting and principles to which we feel attracted. It will probably remain that way up to a certain degree of enlightenment. There is the theory that the more an individual internalizes the singularity in its essence, the less these polarities will influence the individual’s psyche and emotions. The more conscious we become, the less we will continue to judge, and the less we will be emotionally affected by negativity.

Avoid Judgment as much as possible.

This conclusion is the essential point which we would like to make here. Of course, we have personal opinions on many things, and we are not afraid to express them, but it is our intention here at Mayamagik LLC not to judge.

We make this pretense because we believe that even all negativity in this world or things we regard as evil or bad serve a higher purpose. All these things can show us something, can be a challenge for us to grow, and motivate us to become a “better” version of the person we already are. Duality is, in a way, the engine of spiritual evolution in this realm. Symbolically speaking: only with a battery with two poles can we start a motor and run the machine.

Only because of the negative polarity do we even have a choice between good and evil in the context of the universal multiple-choice test, which we call life. This dualistic choice matters in life: our personal decision between love and fear, which we have in each scenario.


The Purpose of the Matrix

The global or collective reality matrix consists of a wide range of different cultural and ideological facets. There are millions of sub-realities and niches that small groups of people have created outside the mainstream.

However, the main trends are dominated by a superior stage play – a plot that mainly deals with the issues of economic, religious, and ideological dominance. The main protagonists are the alleged leaders of individual nations, where most of them are just puppets of higher instances. They are supposed to prepare the scenario, divide societies, and incite the people against each other. The argument for military interventions varies depending on the specific nations’ different ethical concepts and moral standards. Still, the military conflict remains the tool of choice—it is driving the transformation and creates a scenario of maximum cleavage.

On the brink of a New World Order

The entire System experiences an exponentially proceeding entropy, and this trend will lead to a phase transition, which will sooner or later end up in a New World Order. What exactly this “New World Order” might mean for individuals or the collective is uncertain. We can find many different opinions about it. While some activists believe that we decline into a total surveillance and control system, other people hope to fulfill a new golden age. The outcome is still undetermined, and perhaps the decision lies with each person and depends on which parallel timeline the individual aligns his consciousness on.

The theme of the parallel timelines is scientifically sophisticated and plays into the broader discipline of quantum physics. We won’t go into details at this point, but we can very well imagine that this New World Order must not necessarily mean what many critics are concerned about.

The emergence of a Global Transformation

Whatever outcome we choose as an individual or collective consciousness is likely to be accompanied by mental contractions or resistance. These are the labor pains heralding the emergence of a new world, and as it is with any birth, this process will hardly proceed without pain. Still, how dramatic this effect is reflected in the single individual depends on their perception and the ability to transform and surrender to the process.

Personal Note Christian Koehlert:

At the end of the old Secret TV in 2010, I still had the mindset, the attitude, and the goal to contribute to waking up a critical mass of people who would supposedly be able to stop the New World Order. Meanwhile, my paradigm has changed. In a way, I surrendered – I didn’t want to fight any external illusions anymore. If I feel something needs to be changed—I have to transform myself, which will ultimately reflect in my outer world. When it comes to global affairs – whatever will manifest, it would have been chosen by the collective – either by the power of their awareness or their ignorance. This correlation does not mean that I will accept or tolerate everything the System imposes on me.

It might be that many “truth seekers” and former combatants won’t understand my attitude, but it emerged from deep insight. At this point, I can only speak for myself and would not expect my mindset to find any potential supporters. I’m going to explain my perspective at a later point. One part of the explanation of why I feel this way needs to elaborate on the cosmic law of free will.


The Cosmic Law of Free Will

Free Will is a fundamental principle. This universal law allows the individual to create his unique reality by believing in something and living life by its “façon.” From the perspective of singularity, there is no reality, not a faith, which is better or worse than the other. However, all reality spaces have different qualities, and they very much differentiate concerning the given freedoms and conceivable possibilities that they open up to the individual. Many of the established reality spaces provided by the System are very restrictive and limited. Therefore Faith emerges from a dualistic principle.

Faith can move mountains – but it can also build up mountains and walls where in reality, no limits exist.”

Although free will is existent and everyone can choose its reality freely, as long as it does not compromise the liberty of another individual. Yet, there are countless varieties to infiltrate and manipulate that choice. For example, when we press the small red button on our remote controls, when we buy a magazine at the newsstand or turn on the radio, we agree to an unconscious consent and permit others to manipulate us.

Free Will is bendable.

These media outlets provide a specific reality: Who or what is essential? What is right? Who is good, and who is evil? The scenario of the collective stage is explained to us logically and understandable. Of course, the reality is modified in another country. What “people over there” consume is considered propaganda instead of news. The truth is – that everyone in every country is consuming propaganda as soon as they turn on the TV. So the established mainstream “truth” depends on the country you live in or the ideological or religious System in which someone is embedded.

These examples are just political or geostrategic issues. We can apply that principle to religious dogmas because the underlying concept can also be illustrated with “holy books, proclaim the only truth about God.” This method of polarization and division is applied to us to control the collective stage by the powers that be. Hence the famous saying:

“Divide and conquer – Divide et impera!”

You can submit to this power and the global stage play or recognize the unity of all things or beings and go the way of love – but even that is free will. We respect this. Therefore we don’t want to steer anyone into a reality that they are not ready for. Consequently, we reckon you are here of your own free choice because you are looking for a different perspective on reality. If you just want to preserve the generally accepted status quo – you can proceed to another website, don’t you?


Treat as you want to be treated.

Following the principle of singularity, we like to treat everyone and visitors on this site as we want to be treated ourselves. We, therefore, try to interact as respectfully and lovingly as it is possible for us with every individual. Of course, we hope for these manners in reciprocal, but this choice is up. Yes, you already know it: your free will.

We strive to be peaceful people, and our time is a valuable asset. Therefore, we appreciate constructive exchange, and we like to promote this sharing principle in social networks. However, we are also aware that our positions can agitate specific individuals, which will cause contrary solid opinions to look for confrontation with us.

Energetic Cleansing

These opinions have their place and right to exist in their own reality space, but we like to avoid any skirmish or battle for validity. As we have mentioned in point 1 of this manifesto, there is no “one” only truth. Therefore, we will not tolerate any debates and mock battles that only happen for confrontation.

Any provocations, arrogant behavior, disrespectful comments, insults, racist / sexist remarks, or otherwise polarizing b/s will be deleted from every interaction tool as we feel. Please do not consider this as censorship but as energetic cleansing. We also do not go to Spiegel Online to rant in the forum over the fact that NATO’s reality is bluntly propagated once more. It’s just what they suppose to do, and we have to accept it.


So last but not least – Love.

This aspect should be our highest principle at Mayamagik LLC, and everything we publish herein is intended to be motivated by it. But what are we exactly talking about here? Love that we mean is unconditional and emerges from the perspective of the spiritual and physical quantum singularity of our existence. It should not be confused with romantic or familial feelings of emotional closeness or dependencies. The principle of love we are talking about here is far above all these profane and secular concepts. It is the force that entangles the world in its innermost and connects all physical and non-physical consciousness structures – respectively, entities.

Wear your love like heaven – Donovan

We can not stress how important love is to us because it is the driving force back into unity. It enables us even to recognize ourselves in others so we may learn and reach out for genuine empathy. This way, we may also experience that every physical being is a part of us and that each person only lives its truth according to its development of consciousness. Love goes beyond the boundaries of Judgment—between good and evil, right and wrong – and it is the guide to our true higher self.

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Back To The Future and 9/11



Before I like to refer to September 11th, 2001, a.k.a. 9/11, and how the Hollywood classic “Back To The Future” predicted the terror attacks in New York, I should start with some basics. I feel I need to elaborate on why this kind of interpretation gained a particular significance for me. The corresponding Youtube movie can be found below.

My first lesson in the context of subliminal information in modern media I did not get from some conspiracy books about mind control or MK Ultra. I received that knowledge in a lecture as part of my design studies in Magdeburg. In one of these courses focused on media techniques, I got sensitized for the first time to how consumers’ subconscious is targeted to be influenced by very subtle means. The work of my teacher and the lectures became real eye-openers to me. Since that time, I have approached all kinds of movie clips with an entirely new perception.

Subliminal Messages and Stanley Kubrick Movies

The technique of subliminal messages, respectively of subliminal information, is omnipresent in our society. The modern advertisement industry was probably the first branch to perfect this method in short film clips. But great directors like Stanley Kubrick soon pushed the limits and achieved new standards.

The technique of adding subliminal messages in the film business works like this. Besides the apparent plot, the director interweaves subtle information into a film or clip using various means. Our conscious minds will not initially recognize this secondary subliminal plot. Although this subliminal information remains below the threshold of perception, the subconscious can clearly understand this influence if the correct symbols are used. There are many methods and recipes to perform this balancing act between consciousness and sub-consciousness. Because of the many sources and books about that topic, I will not go into detail concerning the techniques here.

Simpson prediction examples

Subconscious Programming

I want to make the point that the consumer’s subconscious mind can be fed with an idea or a concept that the recipient is not fully aware of or even not aware of at all. This information eventually resonates inside the individual. It might respond with a delay in time till the effect breaks through the barrier into the conscious mind. For the consumers, it appears as a spontaneous act out of themselves, and most of the time, they are not able to recognize the possibility that this sudden emergence of some new idea or an immediate new opinion about a particular concept did not so arbitrarily arrive, as they believe.

Room 237 And Kubrick

For people, who became aware of this subconscious manipulation, this understanding is often perceived as a profound epiphany. That’s why there are many great interpretations, where media experts have begun to analyze specific films and commercials based on these principles. A classic example is the documentary “Room 237,” which refers to the work of Stanley Kubrick. “Room 237” is a kind of compilation of interpretations of many Kubrick fans and researchers. Not all arguments are comprehensible or even entertaining, in my opinion, but basically, this documentation is an excellent example of how to analyze movies deep into the subliminal levels.

ROOM 237 The Apollo 11 Theory | GO to Trailer here [Trailer]

911 Interpretation By “Barelyhuman11”

Back to the 9/11 and “Back To The Future” Connection

Now we covered the basics. I finally like to address a film interpretation that shows a connection between the September 11th, 2001 incident in New York City and Robert Zemeckis‘ classic “Back to the Future.” The treatise, which I like to speak about, was released by a Youtuber called “barelyHuman11” in 2015. Even before he did so, many reasonable interpretations recognized the same pattern. However, it was that Youtuber, who put all the details, that have been previously addressed by other individuals in a technically and aesthetically demanding 12-minute film.

A 9/11 Prediction embedded in Back to the Future movie

Anyone who has seen and understood the 12-minute film should recognize that September 11th or 9/11 is subliminally coded into the entire trilogy. However, the third and final part of “Back to the Future” was first screened more than ten years before 9/11. Of course, as a skeptic, you might convince yourself that this is just a coincidence of epic proportions. Still, any denial should be considered a form of cognitive dissonance in this context. A serious examination of these correlations surely represents a complex challenge to each linear and causal-minded materialist.

9/11 Interpretation by BARELYHUMAN11

Conspiracy and 9/11

The conspiracy community traditionally has a very different attitude towards September 11th, 2001, and of course, this connection with Zemeckis’ film triggered some attention inside the truther-movement. Thus two main approaches formed how this phenomenon should be assessed in the overall context of the 9/11 conspiracy. Of course, the assumption always insists that September 11th, 2001, was staged by secret conspirators to establish a catalytic element to transform the world, start wars, and “redistribute” a lot of wealth.

As I have already indicated in another essay on this page, the truther movement is not a homogeneous mass, and therefore it needs a separate article to cover the range of 9/11 conspiracy theories in which the “Back to the Future” phenomena tabs into. Anyhow!

Illuminati Card Game Background
Illuminati Card Game Mystery | Article

I have to admit that I am one of those who see a higher-dimensional intelligence directing that entire orchestra of mass media, secret services, military, and government henchmen, gnomes, dark elves, and lizardmen to organize that specific event. I can only provide a summary at this point, but to give those occult forces behind the game a name, we should call them the Illuminati. If you don’t know what I am talking about, I can highly recommend one of my articles about this mysterious group at this point.

By the way, please forgive me for my lax way of recapping this tragedy so emotionless, but I promise to discuss it in a more detailed article because September 11th, 2001, was my personal “wakeup call” – as 9/11 was for many other people, too.

The Truther Interpretation of the 9/11 connection

So let’s get back to the two main approaches: evaluating the alleged announcement of 9/11 in the “Back to the Future” movies. Many individuals in the truther movement assumed that Robert Zemeckis had either direct knowledge of the plans for the New York terror attacks or they believed he was forced or commissioned by the tentacles of the Illuminati in the Hollywood community to put the symbols into the film.

The alleged reason why the Illuminati were so determined to leave a subliminal message in advance is also variating. The less sophisticated guess is that this behavior was a form of a show of force, which should bring about precisely what many truthers felt about it: a provocation.

Predictive Programming

However, the theory, which I think is much more deliberate, requires extensive basic knowledge about the relationships between consciousness and physical reality. Such reasoning is called predictive or subliminal programming of the collective consciousness. The underlying assumption asserts that our physical reality manifests out of thought patterns. This principle applies to the individual but also the collective consciousness.

The concept is that by subliminal programming the collective subconsciousness, the Illuminati established a critical mass of people. Those masses have been clandestinely “vaccinated” with an idea. For example, the population got indoctrinated with specific media content—everyone who saw the movie “Back To The Future.”

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