Reid's Farm Taupo New Zealand

Reid’s Farm Tribute | Lake Taupo, New Zealand

My visit to Reid’s Farm in Taupo, New Zealand was one of the greatest experiences I ever made. The whole mystery tour through New Zealand was like a dream but Reid’s Farm was a special epicenter in that process. Enjoy my photography!

Reid's Farm Taupo New Zealand

Walkabout Through New Zealand

The term “Walkabout” is used by the Aborigines of Australia to describe a spiritual journey to find a new path in life. I had the same process in New Zealand which lead me through the wilderness. While walking through the deep forests I took pictures.

Wellington Surfing New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand | First Impressions

After I left Oregon I flew directly to New Zealand. I landed at Wellington airport and got introduced to the city by a friend of mine. She took me to all the cool places you have to see. Here are my first impressions of Wellington captured in a set of photos.