Surfing With Friends San Pedrito Baja California

Surfing with Friends at San Pedrito Beach

San Pedrito Beach was such an excellent spot for surfing and camping that we emailed our friends who were also roaming Baja California. As a surf spot, it is a mix between El Conejo and „The Wall“ since it has some nice sandy beach break, but a big part of it also has the same annoying stones as at “The Wall.” This coastline is havoc for your feet.

After three days of our arrival at San Pedrito Beach, our American friends showed up, and we had a great time together surfing and hanging out. Unfortunately, they left after two weeks since they like to proceed to the mainland of Mexico.

I also started to document other surfers we began to hang out with within and outside the ocean. The whole beach is a unique community of surfers of various ages and origins. This tribe became one reason we stayed at San Pedrito Beach longer than we ever expected.

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