Puppy Crisis San Pedrito Baja California

Puppy Crisis At San Pedrito, Baja California

A Box of Puppies

Since we lost connection to world news in San Pedrito Beach, we stayed focused on local events like the Puppy Crisis. This situation developed right next to us. Someone left a box with eight young dogs in the camping area, and our neighbor Raynolds found it.

Raynold’s discovery

I guess Raynolds wanted to enjoy some weeks of a nice vacation, drink beer and go out for a surf. Now he felt responsible for all the dog puppies. The whole camping community got involved and helped with petting and feeding. At this point, the Puppy Crisis is solved, and all dogs have found a home. Meanwhile, the Pelican Crisis, which got less attention, ended tragically. After it got struck by a wave, the bird died and got washed onto the shore. Well, that is living in San Pedrito Beach.

This blog entry covers and documents the Puppy Crisis at San Pedrito Beach as I witnessed it. It was an excellent opportunity to unite people and fight for a common cause. The photos I like to present here are dedicated to all the little helpers involved.

Puppy Crisis update

Update: Meanwhile, Raynold lives happily with his dog somewhere in Canada. I just recently saw pictures on Facebook. As far as I remember, he took the weakest of all the puppies, which now seems to be a full-grown dog full of vitality.

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