Surfer Dudes of San Pedrito Baja California

Playa De San Pedrito Photography | BCS

Playa de San Pedrito is a famous beach close to Todos Santos on the Baja California. It is a well-known spot for surfers traveling through this part of Mexico. Since my travel-mate Jens needed some treatment for his blockage in his neck, we made a stop-over at Playa de San Pedrito to hang out there for a while.

The first impression this beach gave us was tremendous. We got invited with incredible sundown with the clouds over the ocean. Like all surf spots along Baja California, I could take some lovely photos during sunset.

San Pedrito has some extra features to offer compared to places like The Wall. It is not just a plain desert with some mountains in the background. There is a small town close by, and camping here is free. A large section of the beach is made of fine sand. So it is easy to access. The other part is a hazard for your feed like “The Wall” is.

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