Medicine Hat Street Photography | Canada

I took the first photo shots in Medicine Hat, Canada, mainly capturing the new environment. We were living in the suburbs of Medicine Hat with friends of Jens. This location was the headquarters of our road trip. Here we put together our camper vehicle and organized all the little gadgets we would need for our journey.

The preparations took us almost two months. Most of the building jobs have been done in Elk Water—in a small workshop in the middle of nowhere. Since Jens is an engineer and I am more of a computer geek, I had lots of time to take photos. Unfortunately, there was only junk, but you could make it look like an art installation with the correct photo angle.

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Montreux Street Photography, Switzerland

The small town of Montreux, close to the French border, has been my home for the last two years. The following pictures should give you an impression of the social-cultural context I was coming from before I decided to go on this road trip to the Americas. Many photos are from early 2016, and I also took some shots at the famous Montreux Jazz Festival.

The whole area called the Swiss Riviera is fantastic for taking photos. This territory includes all the famous towns around the lake like Evian, Geneva, and Lausanne, which gave me a lot of pleasure as a photographer.

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