How Realistic is a Pole Shift Scenario?

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Phoenix Hypothesis Argumentation: Pole Shift

The Phoenix Hypothesis is a treatise released in the 102nd issue of the German Nexus Magazine. After receiving positive remarks, I published an English version on my website. This is the first part of the argumentation of my core thesis, which explains the fundamental concept that the Earth is undergoing cataclysmic cycles.

Accordingly, this article is just an extract from the more significant argument. Therefore, I recommend reading my Phoenix Hypothesis before you discuss the pole shift theory. Unless you are here to learn merely about the possibilities of an earth’s crust displacement, you should first understand the bigger picture of current global affairs.

Is a Displacement of the Earth’s Crust possible?

That pole shifts have taken place in the past is evident. Contrary to popular opinion, such an event can also occur quite quickly. If we were facing a radical and abrupt transformation of all climate zones, the current magnetic pole movement and the present creeping climate change would have to be seen as indicators heading for a tipping point. The overall event is what Charles Hapgood postulated in 1958 as his theory of Earth’s Shifting Crust.

This hypothesis gained fame, among other things, because it was academically supported by Albert Einstein, who wrote the preface to Hapgood’s theory. Both scientists maintained correspondence on the subject until Einstein died in 1955. According to Hapgood’s conception, the Earth is experiencing a cyclic phenomenon in which the outer mantle is being shifted which causes severe earthquakes and flooding. According to Hapgood’s theory, the evidence that such an event has occurred in the past is grounded in three main aspects.

Hapgood’s Evidence

  1. Numerous extinct advanced civilizations with superior technological knowledge;
  2. Plants and animals preserved in the ice from former tropical regions, as well as marine shells and elective fish skeletons on mountains far from the coast;
  3. Traditions of the “Great Flood” in all cultures and other artifacts, such as the Piri Reis map, which shows the coastline of Antarctica without ice.

Like many aspects of the Phoenix Hypothesis, the pole or crustal displacement issue is complex and open to dispute. Nevertheless, Hapgood’s list of circumstantial evidence pointing to a short-term cataclysmic event has grown significantly. Here is a list of the most important clues:

Research Guidance and Suggestions

  • Many indications of advanced civilizations and technological anomalies have already been documented in detail by numerous publications by Erich von Däniken, David Hatcher Childress, Graham Hancock, Brad Steiger, and many other authors; they are also regularly reported in NEXUS magazine.
  • I can highly recommend the tremendous works of Jason Breshears on his Youtube channel “Archaix” and his chronological dating of the Phoenix Phenomena.
  • Of course, extensive research should start with Hapgood’s publications, but since his time, many insights have been added.
  • For those who want to quickly and effectively familiarize themselves with the subject of the Earth’s crustal shift, I recommend the documentary on the YouTube channel “Universe Inside You” and the documentary film “The Revelation of the Pyramids” based on the book of the same name by Jacques Grimault. Both are linked below.
The Cataclysmic Pole Shift Hypothesis

What could cause a Pole Shift Scenario?

There are various theories describing different scenarios that could trigger a pole shift. Einstein and Hapgood speculated in their correspondences in the beginning that the ice masses at the poles would cause an imbalance in the rotational movement of the Earth, but later distanced themselves from their thesis and reduced the causality to “inner mechanisms of the earth,” which would not be known yet. Both died without having found a satisfying answer.

One of the most interesting independent research groups observing the Earth’s inner workings is the Suspicious Observers movement. They run their website and have a YouTube channel, where updates and the latest data sets are published on an ongoing basis. They also regularly publish comprehensive papers in the form of books and video clips. In late 2021, they released a documentary subtitled “The Cycle is Over,” which sums up their position. Because of their academic professionalism, the Suspicious Observers have an almost impeccable reputation in scientific circles concerned with Earth changes. If one wishes to devote purely scholarly attention to the subject, there is no better place to go.

Suspicious Observers Documentary

Nevertheless, some analysts believe that Suspicious Observers is only a controlled opposition and works as a gatekeeper institution. There is also talk of a “limited hangout” in this context—similar accusations also made to certain Project Camelot insiders. I will come to these later.

The accusations against Suspicious Observers arise, among other things, because the topic of “Nibiru” is completely ignored. This may have various reasons, but it is striking because this Planet X is the hottest candidate to explain a cyclic pole shift.

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About the Author

Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert, and I am a therapist, author, and digital content creator living in Montreux, Switzerland. I was always interested in what is usually framed as the “occult, esoteric, hermetic philosophies, and conspiracy theories.”

After I became chief editor of Secret TV, Germany’s first pay-TV channel for fringe topics, I evolved as part of the counter culture of alternative media. Even though I am not active anymore, I am still an observer with a massive network of “professional skeptics.” Accordingly, I use my insider knowledge and offer holistic consulting about my writing topics. I am also working as a Creative Homeopath and give online consultations.

Christian Koehlert Founder of Mayamagik


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