What can Seers tell us about the Pole Shift?

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Phoenix Hypothesis: Seers and Prophets

My Phoenix Hypothesis is a treatise released in the 102nd issue of the German Nexus Magazine. After it received positive remarks, I decided to publish an English version on this website. This article is the fourth part of the argumentation of my core thesis, which goes deeper into the phenomena of current global crises related to Earth changes that Nibiru or Planet X might trigger and how it was predicted in European Prophecy.

Accordingly, this article is just an extract from the more extensive assertion. Therefore, I suggest you read my Phoenix Hypothesis before you go into detail regarding the precognition of seers and prophets. Unless you are here to learn about the European Prophecy merely, you should first comprehend the bigger picture of current global affairs.

World War III and three Days of Darkness

Many prophets and psychics have spoken of a pole shift that will culminate with “three days of darkness.” The theme is found in the Hopi legacy and the lore of Edgar Cayce, the “sleeping prophet.” This idea is practically omnipresent in international prophecy—even in the predictions of Alois Irlmaier, probably best known in Germany. There is the scenario of a third World War and the threeday darkness mentioned in countless accounts. As a skeptic, one can only assume that all “clairvoyants” have secretly copied from each other.

Especially in the European tradition, there are thousands of testimonies of persons with precognitive capabilities claiming to have seen a modern world war (with drones, tanks, and missiles) before a catastrophic natural phenomenon would occur. Everywhere you run into the same basic story: shortly after the start of WW3, the conflict is halted by various unfolding natural disasters that end with the three-day darkness in Europe. This event is usually associated with a pole shift because it got repeatedly mentioned that climate zones will be redistributed in the aftermath.

Misinterpretations based on Indoctrination

The psychics, some of whom lived hundreds of years ago, were always presented with a similar sequence of events as an inner vision. One could compare it with a movie trailer. However, no prophet could give an exact date, and they interpreted many observations. For example, many clairvoyants consider that the third World War, before it ended in a full-scale nuclear exchange escalates, is interrupted by earth changes as an intervention of God. This does not have to be fundamentally wrong, but my assumption goes more in the direction that the timing is deliberately aimed at the reset. As stated in my hypothesis, I assume the war serves only as a final diversion.

When it comes to precognition in general, there is no doubt in my mind that people have access to an information realm beyond space and time. According to the 12-dimensional model of Heim-Dröscher, this would be the area of X-5 to X-8, also called information space. Remote viewers have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to access this space in a military-controlled context.

Research Guidance and Suggestions

Based on the fact that my original article was published in Germany, this part of the hypothesis was focused on European prophecy and local sources. Nonetheless, there is plenty of data to be found in English. Right now, I will give research guidance and suggestions in German, but I will later update this part with important international references.

  • Regarding researching and systematically categorizing the thousands of seer traditions, Stephan Berndt is the authority in the German-speaking world. Each of his books gets to the heart of the larger picture. However, the more recent books are better adapted to the current context and contain more unknown sources that came to the author later.
  • Jan van Helsing’s classic “Book 3: Der Dritte Weltkrieg” also remains an excellent analysis of European prophecy.
  • As an introduction to the topic, I also recommend the documentary by Niki Vogt on YouTube: “Alois Irlmaier: ‘Ich seh’s ganz deutlich!” which I will link below for all German-speaking researchers.
Niki Vogt Documentary Part 1
Niki Vogt Documentary Part 2

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About the Author

Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert, and I am a therapist, author, and digital content creator living in Montreux, Switzerland. I was always interested in what is usually framed as the “occult, esoteric, hermetic philosophies, and conspiracy theories.”

After I became chief editor of Secret TV, Germany’s first pay-TV channel for fringe topics, I evolved as part of the counter culture of alternative media. Even though I am not active anymore, I am still an observer with a massive network of “professional skeptics.” Accordingly, I use my insider knowledge and offer holistic consulting about my writing topics. I am also working as a Creative Homeopath and give online consultations.

Christian Koehlert Founder of Mayamagik


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