Quatro Casas Baja California Road Trip Photography

Road Trip Baja California Photography

We went to many different surf spots all the ways southbound down the Baja California. During this Road Trip, I practiced my photography skills and tied to capture the essence of each individual place. This is a small collection of various pictures.

Baja California Road Trip Photography

Surfing at Punta San José | Baja California

Punta San Jose is the first well-known surf spot south of Ensenada. This was also our first destination to camp out for a few days. The surrounding nature is astonishing to say at least. I even climbed up the nearby hill to get some good photos.

Sundown San Miguel Ensenada Baja California

Surfing at San Miguel in Ensenada

My first destination in Mexico was Ensenada on the Baja California. Here you find a famous surf spot called San Miguel. While we were preparing for our Road Trip down the Baja we stayed in front of the beach break where I took most photos here.