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The Illusion Of Choice Inside The Matrix | Pt. 12

Arriving In Ensenada

Travelling into Mexico

I have been traveling through the USA for almost two months. Most of the time, I was by myself. The fantastic impressions consumed my attention—tons of information I received from all these conversations along the way needed some time to be processed. Still, my main goal and my primary mission were to get “Frederique,” the camper, to Mexico, where I could reunite with Jens; as I outlined before, I am not a mechanics type of guy, so this trip was a leap of faith to me.

Now Jens is back on the team, and “Frederique” got all the maintenance I could not grant her. A considerable burden fell off my shoulders. For the first time in quite a while, I can deeply reflect on things that happened and the situation I am in right now. I like to summarize the essence of the current phase we are all entangled in right now. This perspective is a very personal analysis, so I hope you can follow me on that. Ok, let’s go down the rabbit hole.

Surfing On Waves Of Time

Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with van lifer whatsoever. I feel to articulate certain feelings about the nature of U.S. elections that come up since we are heading to the conclusion. My personal opinion on that is probably very unique. So, please don’t take it too seriously. Thanks!

We all have been more or less witnessing a soap opera that is approaching the end of a season. Like every good T.V. series, it is kept exciting to the very end by the secret scriptwriters. Everything is still possible! I am talking about the elections in the U.S. After many conversations with the average Joe on the streets of America, I am aware of the essential attitude towards this event. One thing is for sure: It is the worst collection of candidates and the most extraordinary polarization of society in recent U.S. history.

One-half of the country believes Trump is a madman who needs to be stopped by any means necessary. So people vote for Hillary even though they know that she is just another puppet controlled by the establishment. Some people even know that she is a criminal crook, but she seems to be the lesser of two evil.

The other fraction of voters are desperate to get Trump into office. They believe that he is their last chance to solve the whole mess. Somehow they are convinced that Trump is genuinely independent. The argument always sounds like that:

“Just look how the mainstream media and the whole establishment is against Trump. It is obvious that all argumentations and news broadcasts are one-sided and tendentious. So they must be desperate to stop him. That is the evidence he is outside of the Illuminati system!”

Imho, nothing could be wronger than that! We are dealing with a group soul complex that can see beyond the horizon of time. The Illuminati are the expression of a potent being planning and pursuing the “Grand Plan Of The Ages” for probably thousands of years. They are in control of everything! Nothing can stop them! They know how to play the media game and how public relations are appropriately applied to the masses.

The Out-Of-Establishment Psy-Ops

I have worked for a P.R. division, and I know how those things work. Of course, TPTB knows they have to create the impression that the whole establishment is against Trump. If they did otherwise, they would raise suspicion. So the more one-sided they are, the more credit they give to him. If I would come up with this idea, the true powers have figured it out for a long time.

So the truth seems to me that both candidates are just puppets for the same master. Still, the outcome will make a difference, and I like to tell you why. Remember, this is my point of view.

Many of you might be aware that there are many different collective timelines. Some people may have encountered the Mandela Effect when they shifted from one timeline to another. So if you know the whole Berenstein Bears story, you might understand what I am talking about here. This effect is visible in minor aspects, but the outcome of a particular script or timeline will make a significant difference.

All timelines lead to a dramatic transformation but over a different period. From all those experiments in remote viewing, we know that there are three significant scripts on how this inevitable evolution may occur. One is the “Irlmaier” timeline – it is the widely promoted story of a World War III scenario. Another timeline indicates a global event of epic proportions that will put us all in the same boat. It seems to be some natural disaster. Still, many people will suffer, and the herd will be thinned.

Timeline X

There is a 3rd scenario that has been observed by many people who are capable of seeing future events. It is the most comfortable timeline from my point of view. I call it the Renaissance of spiritual knowledge. As a collective, we evolve to a higher species over a more extended time. There might still be many souls who cannot make this transition, which will be considered collateral damage, but the implications of evolution will be way softer than in timelines 1 and 2. All the data that people like the scientists of “Suspicious Observers” are gathering right now indicates that we are receiving help in the form of cosmic vibrations that open up our collective consciousness. So it seems possible that the critical mass is waking up.

My theory is that the elections might mark or indicate which timeline we are currently approaching. This could be a very personal choice to make. Since every individual exists simultaneously on each timeline in the form of quantum superposition, it might be the soul’s personal decision on which path to take. So instead of voting in a rigged system, I would suggest you focus on the timeline you want to be part of. It would help if you also acted accordingly. That is the tricky part. It means you instead choose love over fear. That is your challenge.

There is one dilemma with this idea. We only have two candidates but probably three primary collective timelines. That could mean there might be a 3rd option for how the elections might unfold. Maybe both Trump and Hillary render themselves entirely useless for their duties. They are already working hard on it, but the public has not caught it. It could be something weird that could happen. Maybe some agency fulfills its oath and arrests all those political thugs. I know it sounds improbable. So if the soap opera takes a very unusual turn where no candidate is elected in the first round, this might indicate a shift toward “timeline X,” as I call it.

If Hillary is chosen to be the next president, buckle your seatbelts, folks. It might mean WW3 in the long run. I will spend my time on lonely beaches along Baja California, during this period. Let’s see what will happen.

I wish you all a significant shift into a new era. Choose wisely what you wish for because it might become your destiny. Remember, we are all surfing waves of time.

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